DAY 1: HONG-KONG (Travelogue)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Finally, I can blog about my recent travel to HONGKONG. I've been busy editing the vlogs for our 4 days stay there so cut me off some slack if this was a late post. haha

Anyways, our flight was in the afternoon so we kinda arrived there pretty late, hence, super tired and exhausted. So basically our DAY 1 is kind of a blahh but we still had a lot of fun.

up in the air #fernweh

whilst waiting for our flight, I decided to paint my face.

Boarded = selfies lol

So since the travel time isn't that long, we opted for noodles, and ofcourse I got my favorite one.

thankfully we landed safely..

Airports are destinations itself, and I would have to agree that HK airport is one of the best there is.
sorry for the crappy photos.

The first thing that we did was to pick-up our BB WIFI, we have reserved this a week before our arrival in Hongkong. The guy was accomodating and getting it wasn't much of a hassle.
I would honestly suggest getting a wifi (first things first) because HONGKONG barely has any free wifi available. Plus from all the navigations you would have to do, from the trains, buses, restaurants and streets, wifi really comes in handy. Although I would have to admit that this pocket wifi was a bit slower that expected, the connection was just really good for navigations but not recommended for surfing or streaming since it has data cap as well. 

But the battery life was super long and could probably last you up to two days even without charging. But ofcourse, I would still recommend to charge this thing just in case.

 oh and btw, their airport toilet has the best lighting for selfies..
don't you think? haha

the real deal: HAGGARD faces haha

From the time we have managed to check-in from our Hotel, rest a bit, and changed our clothes eventhough it was kinda late, we had to go outside for dinner.

loving the nice cold weather, enjoyed the night strolling..

and since almost every restaurants are pretty closed, we ended up at Mcdonalds. And I shit you not, hongkong's mcdonald's are quite different than what we have here.
we were told by a friend that HK Mcdonald has this thing every month where they would launch a new addition to the menu and it would only be available for the whole month, and they are surprisingly almost always a hit, like this one that  I ordered, BURGER SALMON burger. 

Holy shit, it was amazing. Kind of pricey for HKD 35 but hello, it was huge and amazing.

the dessert was fantastic too!!
and although I didn't get to finish mine because duhh, I always get full -- but how this one was made was quite satisfying and goodgasmic. The pie and its warm chocolate filling w + the vanilla ice cream =  perfect combo to end the night.

If you want to see more, you could watch my vlog here, and subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel.

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