Saturday, February 18, 2017

After our bitin Macau trip, we decided to pig-out on our 3rd day in HK. 
Our friend Robi actually recommended this restaurant upon our arrival in Hongkong, but it was closed at that time so we ate at Mcdonald's instead. But during our 3rd day, we were lucky enough to have come acrossed this small restaurant again and decided to brave the long queue outside just to try what's all the fuss.

It was our first time to actually try a restaurant that let's you sit with people you don't even know.. I guess it's because the seats were very limited, hence, we had to be seated with random people. It was awkward but at the same time, unlike here in the Philippines, people don't literally stay there after eating just to chat, they literally eat and run. So we ended up having the whole table all to ourselves.

The prices were pretty decent, if you don't try to convert it in peso -- because one order can set you back for Php380 already.


Me and my friend Chachi, opted for bibimbap (HKD$48); Lois, Spicy Chicken (HKD$55)

Japchae (HKD$37)

For the drinks, we had special milk tea and matcha for me. (HKD$10/each)

the crowd were pretty intense, and I kinda understand why.. the food was quite amazing! one of the best and legit korean food that I have ever tried. Especially the spicy chicken, it has a tad bit of sweetness to it and spice but just melts into your mouth kind of thing.

one bi bim bap is also good for sharing. 

Overall, the food was great! I would definitely recommend this.. all worth it.

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