Thursday, February 2, 2017

This would have to be my favorite part of the trip.. our second day-- we visited MACAU.

Welcome to PARISIAN MACAU, the little Paris in Asia.

since we wanted to look fancy, we decided to get ourselves a full make-up. ha!
Lashes: Faboulash

my outift of the day.
we decided to go to Macau around lunch-ish, which was a bummer.. we should have gone there earlier so we could spend a little more time with Macau; after all the ticket wasn't all that cheap.
after a very rough sea.. we were fine and opted for the free shuttle! lol
first time seeing the Eiffel and my jaw just literally dropped.. it was so surreal and huge.

Inside the Parisian Hotel.

stunning hotel reception.

the mall area.

prettiest toilet ever!!

whilst deciding where to eat.

THE WEATHER: the weather that day was kind of nice and super cold. Unlike the bipolar weather of Hongkong, we think that Macau's temp was kind of stable and cold all through out that day and we loved it. Plus they have the strongest WIFI connection everywhere you go!

every corner of Macau is definbitely instagram worthy.. stay tuned for part two.


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