Friday, April 21, 2017

Hello guys, I just wanted to share with you my recent purchase from TARTE.

I was supposed to do a whole haul about it, which I probably would soon. But I'm just kinda not feeling it because of the weather (?) lame, i know. I promise though, there's gunna be a huge haul very very soon on my youtube channel.

Me and my friend randomly shopped at the Tarte Cosmetics website because they were having a sale at that time, so we just picked up a few things.

I got myself this limited edition "Girls just wanna have sun" for $17. I figured I could use this because it's summer here, and were planning to go to BALI this year. Hopefully around July. (?) 

Brazillance Plus + the main self tanner. Per reviews I've read, this tan could last you up to 5 days.

Better bod bronzer this is to intensify the bronze color. Waterproof but washable.

Face towellete obviously, for the face, such a bummer how they've included just one piece.

Park Ave Princess bronzer this would probably be my favorite out of all. 

I love that it is very light with a little bit of shimmer to it. I tried to wash it off and I did have a hard time. So yeah waterproof it is! I can't wait to use this. 

and ofcourse, the oh so beautiful... Little Lash Helper.
I've been eyeing this eversince shaaanxo used this in one of her videos. I love me some faux lashes, and I have a ton of them,not gunna lie-- I have an obsession.. so this would come very handy.
Gold and fabulous.
That's about everything I've got from TARTE. We had this shipped via 8corner so we didn't have to pick it up from the postal office or pay any taxes.

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