A sneak peek into my Vanity + New pickups from Sephora PH

Sunday, June 11, 2017

As a beauty blogger / vlogger and self confessed beauty addict, my vanity would obviously be my most favorite thing ever-- hence the most messiest and in dire need of some TLC. 
Whilst I was going through my vanity to declutter some makeup I wanna toss out, lippies I haven't been using for ages, and just some random smorsgaborg that has no space in my vanity anymore. I figured, might as well share a little sneak peek into my makeup. Just tinniest bit of it.
the pretties palette in my collection from BECCA
This Becca x Jaclyn Hill palette is probably the most expensive one in my collection, a Php3,000 worth of gold goodness, that is. I wish I could play a little bit more with this palette though but it's just way too pretty that I almost don't wanna use it.
This Champagne Collection is everything you needed and more. I love the 3 blushes (Rose Spritz, Amaretto, Pamplemousse)
and the two huge highlight champagne pop, and prosecco pop.

Then ofcourse, here are the three items that I recently picked-up from Sephora. But honestly, I only bought 1 item and that is the BOSCIA Clear Complexion Cleanser for Php1,618.00.

I was using the Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash (Php1,500) for the longest time, and when I was finally almost out of it, I decided to try a different cleanser. All because I was starting to breakout-ish, probably due to my skin getting used to the Origins (?) that it started to lose its effectiveness somehow. oh perhaps, it was just really me, trying to come up with an excuse just to try this Boscia, he he. But seriously though, this cleanser really did help keep my skin at bay.

This cleanser claims to be rich in anti-oxidant and can combat blemishes and impurities, balances oil level and at the same time, it can improve the appearance of your pores, firmness and elasticity. I would have to agree that this cleanser does exactly that. Like holycow, the first time I tried this on, I can immediately see and feel that my pores were smaller and my skin was extra smooth and firm. I kid you not! This is worth every penny. Kinda reminded me of the Avene cleanser that I used to have-- this isn't a foamy cleanser, which I totally appreciate because that means, it wouldn't dry up your skin or cause any bacterias from the foam. I love this, and I cannot wait to try other Boscia products.

It's a no surprise that I am head over heels with Becca products, that's why I decided to pick up two (2) Becca products from Sephora's Rewards Boutique for 100 points each.

Becca ever matte poreless priming perfector (Php1,876 fullsize) 

This is the primer that I've been using everyday, I have a love-hate relationship with this one though. I love the fact that it's super matte and a bit tacky so the makeup won't really glide on your face. 

BUT I also hate the fact that this primer is super tricky to apply. Whenever I'm using this, I can always see that the more I rub this on, the more it's peeling-off, you know the feeling of accidentaly spilling an Elmer's glue on to your hand then you try to rub it off between your fingers? yes, that's the exact feeling. I super hate it. So I read that you're supposed to warm this up between your fingers then tap it on your face instead of rubbing. Nonetheless, this is an okay primer if applied correctly.
I was also able to get this Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (Php972 fullsize) for 100 points.

I haven't had the chance to really try this on my face, but this would be great to use as a liquid highlighter for more intense highlight, or you can mix this with your moisturizer to achieve a more healthy natural glow.

I love that after I applied this and blended nicely into my skin, the shimmer were almost unnoticeable. But I would still have to point out that if you have very large pores, you gotta be careful not to put this on those areas so it won't accentuate even further.

So that's everything I want to share, I don't have a massive makeup collection yet, I only have what is practical, and I wanted to spend more of my money buying quality skincare items since I am not getting any younger. 

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