Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tagaytay has always been one of my favorite places to visit.. not only it's a few minutes away from Manila, but the TAAL view itself never gets old no matter how bajillion times I've seen it.
ESCALA TAGAYTAY has been making a lot of raves lately, so I decided to book ourselves one night just so we could experience their service and have a little staycation with my boyfriend fiance.

Just so you know, booking a room at ESCALA should be done through their website. But don't fret because they are currently on sale this rainy season! You can check their rates here: ESCALA.
We booked the deluxe room, paid Php500 for the Reservation, and settled the rest in the hotel. Total booking price Php7,500. But if you book now, you can get a room for as cheap as Php4,800+
From the moment I've stepped into the lobby I was in awe already.. It was so beautiful. 
I've been to many highend hotels, perks of being an event coordinator-- but I can definitely say that ESCALA is truly one of a kind with a very homey vibe, hence, breathtaking view of TAAL.
I specifically requested for a nice view since it's kind of our "late" 5th year anniversary celebration, not to mention reuniting after being separated for 1 year and 8 months-- it's kind of a big deal.
I was so surprised to see that they've actually listened and gave us a nice view from our balcony. The receptionist even asked me upon booking if I wanted a surprise cake in the room as a welcome gift.
and though the pool was really nice, I forgot my swimsuit. lol But the pool wasn't heated anyways.
 The view at night is even more picturesque.
Our booking came with a breakfast buffet for TWO, which was really good. 
I love dining al fresco style.
 I've been loving Filipino food lately so I was so happy and HUNGRY that I stuffed my face with TAPA and salted egg.
All in all, it was a great experience and we really had a nice staycation. 

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