Saturday, August 5, 2017

I am quite excited about this post because I will be unboxing the newest and first ever product range of ALTHEA KOREA,
When they first announced secretly via email that they will be launching their very own product, I was brimming with happiness because not only I am gonna be the first few people who'd get to try it-- but moreso, because I am happy for Althea and how their business are growing for 2 years now.

The powder came with this cute pink box with Althea's brand logo.
As always, Althea's media kit and packaging are to die for! 
Althea says that this powder is made out of pure natural ingredients so it's safe for the skin. Their main star ingredient, is none other than the ALTHEA flower seed extract that is apparently filled with anti-oxidants that can help protect the skin's barrier from dehydration and invigorate the skin for a petal-like complexion.
The packaging is a bit small, hence the price is only Php210 for 3g. I wonder if they will come out with a bigger size though.. but then again, you only use this to bake and set your face so you rarely ever need a lot.
I decided to glamed-up my face and tried this powder. I was so surprised at how good and finely milled it was, as you can probably tell from the photo above. It was so velvety looking and really soft, blurring all my pores instantly. It has a very lovely rosey scent but not overpowering.
Here's the final look, I was very impressed that it did not settle on my lines, and as you can see, it made my skin looking flawless AF, I didn't use any powder to set my makeup here just this powder.
All in all, I am very very impressed with this product.. I didn't experience anything weird whilst using this. Although I would have to say that this doesn't give any coverage or whatsoever, but it does make your skin looking very fresh and flawless, I suggest you guys to get the first dibs and you won't regret it. I cannot wait for more products from Althea Korea.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, but was sent to me for free. All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.

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