I AM ENGAGED! Now what??

Friday, September 1, 2017

It's been a little over a month and 2 weeks since he popped the question. It wasn't something like the usual cliché proposals that involves grandest gestures and very gimmicky, he just quietly gave me the ring. I knew right off the bat when we started dating 5 years ago, that I am gonna marry this guy. It wasn't all that easy being in a long distance relationship, but there's something about us that definitely didn't want to give-up. We weren't always the best couple there is, but we always choose each other for better or worse. And that's the beauty of it, the certainity that you are meant for each other, and so you stick and make it work, regardless and whatevs. Just like that, we are off the market completely. He put a ring on it y'all. What a mad insane man!

But lest just fast forward all the dramas that I didn't want to put in this post.. All I ever really wanted to say is that, I am extremely happy and beyond grateful that I get to finally be engaged and get married in the not so distant future. So I know you guys are wondering now that I AM ENGAGED, now what?? Welps, to be honest, we don't really have a concrete plan about the "big day" yet, some dazee we wanted to get married here for the family, but mostly I wanna get married in SYDNEY.

So the plan now is to maybe have a simple civil wedding early next year to Sydney and then have like a garden wedding here in the Philippines. But that would be in two years time (?) All that matters now is that we are just enjoying our sorta "honeymoon" stage all over again. He begun getting all so clingy all of a sudden and it felt like the whole engagement part kind of pushed the restart button for us. It's a whole new chapter in our lives and we're certainly enjoying every moment of it! I am quite estatic to start this new chapter that God has blessed us with, and even more excited to move and settle down to the land down under, Sydney.

Sydney has always been my personal destination of choice, I do actually believe that if people have their country or a city soulmate, mine would be Sydney.
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There are so many things that I love about Sydney, and the fact that we are actually going to start our own family and establish our so-called "married life" there are just so incredibly amazing and exciting. The very chill and laid-back vibe to the City is really up my alley. 
So if you were to ask what's the plan now? Well, September would be the start of something great, we're officially going to start all the papers we needed and whatnot. I don't wanna jinx it in any way-- so stay tuned for another blog post about this whole new adventure of  me being the "bride to be". 

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