Life Lately: Addicted to spinning

Monday, April 8, 2019

Let me start off by saying, I never thought I would ever revive this blog again after a long few months of pause. I was feeling very uninspired, mostly because of the fact that I am still very much involved with my work life, health. too much netflix, and to be honest I don't really think that people would still read blogs.. but then I was like, I miss writing so much, blogging is still unlike filming videos, it doesn't need much creativity-- just words and soul. So here I am trying to update you guys with what's happening with my life.
If you have been following me on my twitter or instagram then you may have already seen that I've been very into my fitness lately (finally). I have been eating more healthy and really trying to workout. I mean I tried going to the gym but really, nothing I find more interesting than a dimly-lit room sweating like a wet noodle with music blasting.
I've tried cycling or spinning this early February, and ever since then I am hooked. At first it was very intense and hard for someone who have never even lifted a finger to workout a.k.a ME. I attended Electric Studio for the first time with my friend and immediately regretted it. My legs became very weak and shaky like a jello. My friend literally fell down as she was trying take off her shoes, IT WAS A SHIT SHOW OKURR.
If you're like me and not very active, make sure to do a lot of stretching before you try spinning. I kid you not, I went a bit paralyzed and wasn't able to walk for a good one week. But there's just something about it that I told myself I wanna give it another shot. 
So I did, I visited another class studio in Makati with my friend and I carefully setup my bike and figured what was good for me, and I did it. It was a breakthrough, I did a longer class, I got so teary eyed that I did it and didn't even feel like my legs are gonna break anytime soon. lol
and eversince then, I've been attending spin classes religiously and I'm on my 15th ride already. If only my time could afford it, I would challenge myself into joining 30 classes in 30 days. It gets really expensive though to be honest but I feel like cycling was like my legit first step into losing weight and it helped me a lot mentally and physically, I seriously felt stronger and it majorly helped my lungs so I don't get any bad allergy lately, and I enjoy it so I guess it's a win win.
I am still editing my vlog about spin classes but I would show you guys a tiny bit of the place and what to expect. It might be a bit expensive but they have everything you could ever need. Like they provide your spin shoes, they have a pretty good shower room, a dyson hair dryer, towels, shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are provided. They have free water and coffee. SERIOUSLY NOT SPONSORED. I just genuinely love Electric Studio.
My advise for those of you who wanted to try spin class: drink lots of water, keep yourself hydrated and listen to your body. Choreography is optional.
What to expect: It's an intense workout but low impact, phones are not allowed inside a dimly-lit room with neon lights, great song playlist blasting. After the class you might feel really sore esp on your private area and butt. But you'd get used to it, nonetheless you can always request for an extra cushion if you need it.

I have lots to tell you guys and I am also planning to do a comparison blog between Electric Studio and Ride Revolution, so stay tuned. x


Relieving that time again when we visited the iconic and highest point in Seoul, the NAMSAN TOWER. Not only I am atleast a year late for posting this on the blog but whatever I just really wanted to share with you some snippets of our trip.
Going to Namsan tower is pretty easy, you can walk literally from Myeongdong.

You can take a cable car but we opted for a hiking, which we later regret in life. lol
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