EVITA and SENKA Facial Wash Review

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

It's been a hot minute since I have posted anything here, perhaps because I am still getting used to my long faux nails and I honestly find it hard to type so I guess I would often set it aside for later. But I decided to stop being a crappy blogger for once and update you guys with one of my current FAVES.
Lately I've been obsessing with this facial wash called PERFECT WHIP COLLAGEN from SENKA, a Shiseido "drugstore" brand.  As we age, our collagen production decreases as early as when we hit our 20's, by then we tend to be more and more prone to skin damages, sagging, and wrinkles. I know we cannot prevent aging and I personally believe that aging is a privilege. But whilst there are products that can help restore my youthfulness-- I AM ALL FOR IT.
I've been using the PERFECT WHIP in blue before and when I saw that they came up with the "collagen" version, I had to try it. I might be late to this, but I still wanted to do my own review and share with you guys how much I've been loving this product. The consistency is like the usual formulations of facial washes out there, it gets super foamy and dense but it doesn't dry out my skin. For something that's being advertised as anti-aging, this is very gentle and doesn't have any strong scent. 

 - it's made out of 60% beauty serum featuring collagen.
- Very affordable for something as good as this.
- It has double hyaluronic acid  to help skin hydrated and smooth.
- works as makeup remover and facial wash in one.

Another oldie but a goodie must be this one, EVITA BEAUTY WHIP SOAP.

I am sure a lot of you are actually aware of this beauty since this has been around for ages. This went viral for a while because of how pretty this is. I never really delved into it because this caters to more mature skin, but I did try it out just to put it out to test and was very pleased with it.
This is my mom's current facial wash and honestly it's almost gone, thus I decided to make a blog about it before we had to throw it away. lol
The way it works is that you need to shake it and press it down, I didn't do a very good job about it but it should dispense a really pretty looking rose. lol
Rich and dense foamy cleanser with floral scent.
This facial wash is very gentle and made my skin super smooth. Although I don't feel the need to use it because it is meant for mature skin, still it didn't break me out or anything.
All in all, I would totally recommend these two facial washes, whether you're young or mature.

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